Solutions For The Citizen

"It is the job of the U.S. Government to secure the borders and keep it's citizens safe. The federal government has failed it's citizens in this regard and needs fresh legislation to combat the problem."  

Ending the burden of illegal immigration should be fought on many fronts. (2)

Build a Fence

Stop the Train 

"It’s no mystery that the cargo train known as 'The Beast', which travels from the southern Mexican town of Arriaga up to Mexico City, is the predominant transport for people leaving Central America searching for the U.S. Without this train, and a few other cargo trains like it, there would be no practical way for tens of thousands of children to transit 1,400 miles through Mexico. Without easy transportation to the U.S. border, the vast majority of the Central American children will simply give up and return home."(1)

​African Americans had no say in their departure to America. The overwhelming tide of illegal non-citizens is done with the person's choice. Crossing illegally into America is done with the choice of the individual. These individuals overwhelm our public support systems, and are flooding our country's populous. 

Where do the loyalties of these individuals or families lie?