Respect Our Forefathers

"Respect our forefathers from before 1960 - First they ask indirectly of us to take care of what they gave to us. Also they expected us not to feel guilty because we have it and to not give it away to special interest groups. (Those forefathers are also African-Americans and others.) 1960 was a time when Protestants were on the Supreme Court. Obama has the record for sending the most illegals back, 2011 - 400,000."

​​Our forefathers came from many different countries and they came to this country seeking freedom. Freedom to choose their own path in life, their own religion and most importantly their own form of government.  ​​As our country and our state have grown and developed, our government has changed accordingly.  In our time we face more complicated issues than ever before, but it is our duty as citizens to keep informed on the issues and to exercise the privilege of voting. [1]

"Faith of Our Forefathers"
Library of Congress