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Survey for Candidate William Roy Bolton III, 770-310-5053.

Occupation (title and employer): Computer Management and Accounting Consultant. Main client is John Michael Miller CPA, Inc.

Family (spouse's name, number of children with names/ages, if applicable):

Ex Wife Mary Jean Bolton and Significant Other Beverly McMurray, and sons Jarrett 32, William 35.

City of residence: Marietta, Georgia

Education (type of degree and alma mater, if applicable):

Georgia Tech degrees: Bachelor of Engineering Science and Mechanics, Bachelor of Civil Engineering and Master of Sanitation Engineering.

Campaign website: www.Bolton37.org

Public email address: Bill.Bolton@BBprs.org

Questions (please limit responses to 200 words):

1. Why are you running for office?

I have been involved in politics for over 20 years. I have run for many offices over the years, never winning but conveying conservative Democratic ideas.

2. Do you agree with Gov. Deal's decision to veto HB 757, the religious freedom bill? Why or why not?

The religious freedom could be viewed as a form of racism and should be stopped in all public area. 

3. Would you support bringing casinos to Georgia?

Only if under the now existing Georgia lottery system.  

4. Do you support changing the state's current school funding formula? Why or why not?

The QBE department controls the state's sharing system of resources for a method of helping the poor with education.

QBE is part of our state Constitution and has been around for around 40 years.

A new activity is that the governor, the head of the Senate and the head of the House, having indirect power to create a school to replace an ailing school.

The problem is that statistically any two of the elected three kings would have the majority to promote that the make-over school would be religious.