​Marietta Daily Journal Survey 2016
1Q. Do you support your party’s nominee for president? Why or why not?

1A. As a Democrat, I think Hillary is a strong candidate with the ability to win. As a longtime member of NOW and an advocate for women's rights, I believe seeing such an inspirational woman as president will be a leap forward for women in our society.

2Q. Do you support the proposed constitutional amendment to create an “Opportunity School District” in Georgia? Why or why not?

2A. The bigger the government structure, the more that structure becomes controlled by monopolistic groups. In our system, state and federal structures are too large and are basically controlled by the dominating religious groups. Consequently, our educational system is controlled by religion. Having smaller school systems controlled by their local populations provides more diversity and innovative educational systems. 

3Q. Do you support bringing gambling (casinos, pari-mutuel betting, etc.) to Georgia? Why or why not?

3A. I am for new types of gambling as long as they are closely regulated by the state legislature and the lottery regulatory structure. This will help protect people, especially addictive gamblers, from predatory practices. This is the same position I had when I ran for governor.