The U.S. constitution starts with a preamble in which it says "We the People..." are here for their children -- "posterity".

At the time, and not too well defined, is what was a citizen.  But more importantly, at that time, a person was here because of their own ability of wanting to be here with the new government. The fact that one got here in those days and even years after eventually was reason to became a citizen. How? Because they had to work hard.  

But if a baby is born in the U.S. without the mother being a citizen, then the child is not a citizen. But wait! The mother may be a citizen because of her hard work and establishment in the U.S.  

But if the mother was replacing a citizen's job, then another set of laws starts to be implemented.  

Laws and common laws become muddy.  . . . . 

A worker from another country quietly crosses the border, then works for many weeks, then is deported, then, three weeks later, is back at work again.  

The question I have is "How do we change the worker's homeland government?" To do so, we need help from them and their families.  

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