Education First

The terms "Education First", "Educator First", etc. are used to put a political and cultural emphasis on education. However, what is not emphasized is an interest on entrepreneurial skills. 

Education is a cornerstone of American prosperity, but the ways in which people are being educated and the jobs they are being educated for are changing. The days of people earning a degree and then working at the same job for the rest of their career are over. Many people don't even work in the same exact field their whole lives. Nowadays, corporations and entire industries come and go as the years go by. People change jobs many times and are more often having to take continuing and supplemental education to stay relevant. The ways in which people can engage in post-secondary education are getting more varied and include:
  • Attending a regular 4-year college or university
  • ​Attending a cheaper, local community college
  • Attending technical school to help fill the blue-collar-but-still-well-paying jobs demand
  • Taking courses online for a degree or continuing education
  • Getting paid to be educated by learning on the job
  • Educating yourself through free online materials and books
  • Interning at a successful business to gain skills and work education
  • Taking time out of a worker's schedule to educate themselves with their own effort by reading books and manuals about skills they are interested in