Educate Children of Illegals
"Educate children of illegals like they are our own - Grownups have their differences"

Educate the children of illegals as if they are our own is a delicate issue at this time. These young people are the dependents of illegal immigrants. However, they are minors who did not create this situation nor should they be held responsible for it. They are children after all and they should be treated accordingly.The case can be made that educating these boys and girls will cost money, But isn't education a worthwhile goal?  Doesn't this process help to make better people and thus better members of society?  As a country, we want our population to be well informed and capable to make decisions.  So we must conclude that education is indeed the best way to address this situation.

"Risks Seen for Children of Illegal Immigrants"
By Julia Preston
The New York Times