Balance Budget

"Balanced Budget with Loans Bonds etc. - can cause problems.  Our children are not here to pay for our expenses due to possible bad bond debts. This is what Mitt Romney did when governor of Massachusetts." 

A True Balanced Budget should not have any type of debt in it and if it does  it should be collateralized against a sellable asset.  

It is the responsibility of every citizen to convey to his or her representatives that a balanced budget is of the utmost importance. 

Our children are not here to pay for our expenses and they should not be expected to do so. Our generation of leaders should be able to make sound fiscal decisions based on accurate information about the issues that concern us. A balanced budget amendment is a constitutional rule requiring that the state cannot spend more that its income. 

It insists on a balance between the projected receipts and expenditures of the government. At the present time 49 states have balanced-budget amendments to their constitutions. Obviously, these amendments differ in terms of their stringency, but they all seem fairly well enforced. Clearly the mood of the people is BALANCE THE BUDGET!  [1]

Reference --
"The Do--Nothing Plan"
By Annie Lowrey
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