Drug Crimes Misdemeanors 
"Make all drug laws misdemeanors - This would help lower the cost of drugs and stop foreign countries form earning so much money at our expense. THE EMPHASIS SHOULD BE ON HELPING ADDICTS AND NOT JUST MAKING THEM CRIMINALS. Georgia's new law might help."What are some of the reasons behind this decision?  We have a prison system that is overrun with minor drug offenders. These minor drug crimes typically do not constitute the sentences given. Citizens caught in these crimes are tarnished forever in social standing, losing the right to vote, or get living assistance such as food stamps or public housing. This "War On Drugs" is a massive financial burden on the state as well. Housing thousands of prisoners which costs the state a massive amount of tax dollars.

A person cannot choose their parents, their childhood situation or the culture  they are raised in. Some children have parents who care for their welfare and provide the necessary accommodations for a successful adult life. However there are plenty of children raised in America who do not have these luxuries. This being said , there are lots of people who grew up with, around and in direct contact with drugs inadvertently. For these people the use of drugs is almost a certainty. [1]

"Drug Laws and Drug Crimes"