I want to invite you to look at civil liberties and capitalism as a common political direction that has been absconded by the elite of both parties. 

I want to:
  • Limit Obamacare's penalties and legal resources
  • Educate the children of immigrants and work with them and their families to return to their countries
  • Make all drug crimes misdemeanors to reduce drug war costs and allow people to prosper and pay taxes
  • Provide low-wage workers with hourly subsidies instead of raising the minimum wage
  • Bring casinos to GA under the Georgia Lottery system
  • Create a Georgia Road Medical System to combat the worst maternal mortality rate in the nation

I am a Democrat and I want my  party to change.  Obviously, I am not a Republican but I have been labeled as a libertarian in prior races. 

I definitely want to hear from you.  Any email provides me a chance to write an answer or to "hot-link" you to some of my other writings.
Bill Bolton​ 
(770) 310-5053



Democrat Running for State House District 37
North Marietta / Portion of West Cobb

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