I want to invite you to look at civil liberties and capitalism as a common political direction that has been absconded by the elite of both parties. 

I want to:
  • Limit Obamacare's penalties and legal resources
  • Educate the children of immigrants and work with them and their families to return to their countries
  • Make all drug crimes misdemeanors to reduce drug war costs and allow people to prosper and pay taxes
  • Provide low-wage workers with hourly subsidies instead of raising the minimum wage
  • Bring casinos to GA under the Georgia Lottery system
  • Create a Georgia Road Medical System to combat the worst maternal mortality rate in the nation

I am a Democrat and I want my  party to change.  Obviously, I am not a Republican but I have been labeled as a libertarian in prior races. 

I definitely want to hear from you.  Any email provides me a chance to write an answer or to "hot-link" you to some of my other writings.
Bill Bolton​ 
(770) 310-5053



Democrat Running for State House District 37
North Marietta / Portion of West Cobb

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Marietta, GA 30066

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Jobs For Georgia - Supporting job creation
in private space travel and cyber security:

The Camden Spaceport will become an epicenter for commercial space innovation.

New Army Cyber Command Headquarters and The Georgia Cyber Innovation and Training Center are making Augusta the world leader in cyber security.

Dobbins Air Reserve Base could possibly start hosting commercial air travel which will create new jobs and make business travel easier for Georgia residents.

For the 2018 election of the House of Representatives District 37 seat I endorse Mary Frances Williams.
The following is from Bill Bolton's 2016-2017 "For the Citizen" campaign for House of Representatives District 37 seat.